Why Choose Us

You have a good idea of what your website objectives are and have a basic outline of the features and content you would like to include. You're looking for a web development company to put it all together and may now be asking why Uniq Web is the right choice?

It's Not How Big You Are, It's How Big You Think
Web Design is deemed a pretty costly endeavor with dubious results that only works for large-scale companies. Meaning, if you are in for a small or medium-size business, getting a web design is a real pain. We're here to prove this wrong.
We Listen To You
When we meet with you and your staff, we take the time to understand your business and your customers. We will produce a detailed proposal so you can be assured that our team understands all of your objectives and requirements.
Thinking Ahead
Business is made to grow - as it does, it needs a bigger infrastructure to suit it. Spare yourself the hassle of seeking out a developer/provider every time you need new features added - expand all areas of your web presence in a few clicks. Cut the bill for the extra design and development work and save loads of time.
We Know What Works
Our team of developers and system engineers shares more than 7 years of industrial experience in the IT industry, specifically in web development and e-commerce. We combine expertise, innovation and hands-on approach to deliver quality results to help your business grow.
Simple Order, Quick Delivery
We won't charge you by the hour for trying to communicate your idea/requirements to our team nor waste your time on numerous reviews of solution propositions. We cut the hassle and the cost. Order in minutes and have your website live in days.
Custom - tailored Web Solutions
We provide consultation on the best approach for your web project to provide you the solutions which best suits your business before you pay a single cent. This sheds unnecessary spending of time, resources and misinformation by knowing exactly what you'll end up with before you place an order with us.
No Large Upfront Investment
Get more for less: enjoy pricing flexibility with a clear subscription schedule. Take advantage of all financial benefits of our unique payment schedule giving discount rewards. Fit into your budget and enjoy a complete web solution for a fraction of the price.
Design As A Service
Get a complete design solution for your online business. Professional web design, full website functionality, powerful online presence - all comes together consistently in our integrated platform for website building.
Hassle-Free Service Management
Promoting your business calls for timely actions. Change, update and upload anything anytime with our 24/7 standby support team as we manage your web infrastructure for you. Whether its website maintenance, server mantainence etc. Help is just a click away - anytime anywhere.
Seamless Website Functionality On-demand
We'll do more than design your website. We'll make it work. Explore a whole lot of possibilities and tools to build the backbone of your business online.
Reliable Hosting Service
Make the most of our end-to-end service with our high-end hosting service, including 99.99% uptime, optimized servers, backups and performance monitoring.
Web Design Redefined
From getting a complete quote on the go, through snatching the perfect design concept for your business to delivery in a matter of days, we provide the benchmark for innovation in web site building. We ensure a better customer experience based entirely on our user- centered approach.

Contact us today to discuss your web project requirements with a member of our professional and friendly team.